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We've created some links that you might find useful, interesting or just plain entertaining. Please let us know of any others you think that your fellow professionals would value (and that won't lead to the Thought Police knocking on our door!) We'll probably send a bottle of their favourite tipple to anybody who comes up with any great additions.

This takes you to a lot of the current roles that we are working on
UK and European routes for interviews or holidays
find the place you're looking for throughout Europe
cheap flights across the world
UK rail tickets and timetable (for what it's worth!)
probably the easiest way from the UK for a car
London Underground route planning and last train times
hotels in the UK
European hotels
do I want to work there anyway?
what's that rate worth in real money?
If you're an ex-pat working in Brussels it's essential
Wherever you're working this will help your social life.
Mark reckons this is the place for low CD prices
Compare online prices of nearly anything
Set up your own news alerts on any subject

Useful Professional

On any commercial organisations whose links are shown below we have received positive feedback from freelancers. However we advise you to make your own investigations or comparisons as we will accept no responsibility for their performance or conduct.
freelancer news and views with a campaigning slant
lots of topical stuff for freelancers
what are they up to now?
Keep up with the exchange rate changes and why they happened.
This takes you to a lot of the current roles that we are working on
Professional indemnity insurance for freelancers

Useful Oracle Technical
Oracle Applications User Group, keeps you in contact with other specialists.
The UK's Oracle User Group site
A sort of clearing house for all the European Oracle User Groups

Useful Freelance IT Consultancy in Benelux Belgium - Belgium - Belgium - Holland

it's not a matter of life or death
All the breaking news
The 6 nations and much more.
James insisted this should be included!
All the latest from the world of European football
All you'll ever need to know about what's on the box
The latest toys for everybody
The answer to the world, the universe and 42
Much more than you ever wanted to know about Hereford United

Ntrinsic Jobs
This takes you to a lot of the current roles that we are working on

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